MeteoVista uses various sources to compile her weather information. As well as data from professional weather partners such as the Dutch KNMI and EUMETSAT, MeteoVista has her own system for local weather forecasts. This MeteoVista-MOS system performs exceptionally well, according to research into the quality of weather information.

Local forecasts are made with the help of a computer program the MeteoVista-MOS. This forecasting system is based on an eminent globaal atmospheric computer model, modern meteorological methods and advanced statistics.
There are large differences in quality in MOS-techniques. Sound meteorological knowledge and years of meteorological experience are important when developing a good MOS system.

Continual improvement in quality
Due to the fact that the weather forecasting system was developed by and belongs to MeteoVista it is possible to adapt it and further develop it independently. The MeteoVista-MOS is continually being updated and expanded with new parameters. The statistical techniques used are also being continually scrutinised and improved.

New methodology
This past year has seen MeteoVista invest a great deal of knowledge and energy in the development of a new weather forecasting methodology. To do this MeteoVista has collected the measurements from recent years from more than 6000 weather stations (worldwide). Based on these historical values MeteoVista has been able to calculate how local weather conditions affect weather forecasting. These local influences are then calculated into the weather forecast for the coming 14 days.

MeteoVista already forecasts the weather for 15,000 locations worldwide. Moreover, there is the new weather forecasting for, amongst others, the ski resorts where altitude and aspect can create large differences.

Besides this, MeteoVista also uses observations in the new forecasts from the 6,000 weather stations worldwide. This enables the short term forecast to precisely correspond with the actual weather situation. With this the location of showers, high pressure zones and for example snowfall is all taken into account for the coming 12 hours.

The proven quality of MeteoVista-MOS
The quality of the weather information is regularly checked. In recent years various research and comparative studies have shown that MeteoVista's weather information, produced with the MeteoVista-MOS system, has performed extremely well.

WetterTurnier 2007 - 2009
The quality of the MeteoVista-MOS has proven itself in the WetterTurnier. Here, the weather forecasts were researched for the 5 major cities of Berlin, Vienna, Zürich, Innsbrück and Leipzig. The research which took place between the autumn 2007 and the end of the summer 2008, measured the MeteoVista-MOS-system against other providers and again it was shown, that most of the time, it performed better. Again in the same research only now held from 9th January to the end of April 2009, the MeteoVista-MOS had the best performance and achieved the highest score.

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