Always your weather with Meteovista HD

It doesn't matter whether you like sailing, using your bbq or out for a stroll. With the new iPad app for Meteovista, you decide what the weather will look like. You can make your own weather dashboard quickly and easily with important weather information like, for example, a rain radar, a weekly overview, or a hay fever sensor.

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Your own dashboard with your weather

Everybody is different. That's why you can set up Meteovista HD according to your own personal preferences. To do this, you arrange your own weather map. There are 8 different widgets available you can set up to your desired location. You can use every widget multiple times. This way you will always have your personal weather.

Water sports, strolling or BBQ?

If you like activities where the weather is important, just set up your widgets accordingly! This makes it possible to precisely see if the weather is good enough for your favorite activity. The activity widget shows various things, e.g, beach weather, strolling weather, water sports weather, etc. Do you suffer from hay fever or do you just want to see when it will start to rain? All of this possible.

Weather for every location

By adding multiple widgets you can view the weather forecast for your favorite locations. You can set, for example, the water sports widget to your favorite surf spot and a weekly overview for your current location and vacation destination. In this way you can view the weather information that is important to you right where you are.

Your weather in your language

Meteovista HD is available in seven different languages, so people all across Europe can arrange their own weather maps. All weather forecasts will automatically be shown in the language you selected for your iPad. So do you want run in Paris or play golf in Krakau? Select your widgets and see what the weather is like. Meteovista HD is available in German, French, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, English and Dutch.

Even more information at your fingertips

You can zoom in to any widget on the dashboard to get more detailed information. By tapping on a widget you can even see at what time it will stop raining.

Push messages

If you want, you can be informed with a short push message about the weather. You can choose what moment of the day you want to get a short weather forecast, even if the app is not open. Meteovista HD can even warn you if there is a weather alarm or if people with hay fever have to be more careful.

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