Kings Lynn

Chance of rheumatic symptoms

Very low
Very high


-4° /


-3° /

Rheumatism weather for Kings Lynn in the next 7 days

Min (°C) -4° -3° -2°
Max (°C) 10°
Wind Bft 3 /
4 /
3 /
3 /
4 /
4 /
3 /
Relative humidity (%) 94% 87% 90% 92% 91% 89% 87%
Weather influence
Last update 24 January 21:51

Tips for today

  • Dress yourself well:
    • Wear a windproof jacket to retain your body heat
    • Wear a hat and gloves when it is really cold.
    • Wear lot of layers to insulate your body optimally.
  • Ensure that the house is cosy and warm, but also make sure there is adequate ventilation. The humidity may otherwise be high and could aggravate rheumatic symptoms.
  • Do not stay outdoors any longer than necessary
  • Well ventilated areas, preferably with air conditioning are recommended because of the low humidity.
  • Do not dry clothes in the house, as this increases the humidity

Information about weather and rheumatism

Cold and damp conditions cause more pain and stiffness for rheumatic patients. Warm and dry conditions ensure a better blood circulation through the body and relieve rheumatic symptoms. When air pressure drops quickly and during thunderstorms rheumatic symptoms become worse. The rheumatism weather forecast gives an indication of how, as a result of the weather, symptoms will be milder or more severe.

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