How does the rheumatism weather calculation work? calculates the rheumatism forecast for the coming 7 days. This forecast should be interpreted as the weather’s influence on rheumatic symptoms that already exist. The forecast consists of 5 categories:

  1. Very low (green)
  2. Low (yellow)
  3. Moderate (orange)
  4. High (red)
  5. Very high (purple)

When conditions are very favourable the weather has a positive influence and can alleviate rheumatic symptoms. When conditions are very unfavourable the weather can significantly aggravate rheumatic symptoms.

The following parameters can lead to an unfavourable score:

  • cold
  • humidity
  • drop in air pressure
  • thunderstorms

The parameter which leads to the biggest reduction in points is the humidity. This appears to be the main aggravator of rheumatic symptoms.


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