How does the cold and flu risk calculation work? calculates a cold and flu forecast for the coming 7 days. This forecast should be interpreted as the weather’s contribution to the risk of catching a cold or the flu. The forecast is represented using five categories showing the degree of risk for colds and flu:

  1. Very low (green)
  2. Low (yellow)
  3. Average (orange)
  4. High (red)
  5. Very high (purple)

When the situation is very favourable (low risk), the weather has a positive influence on reducing the risk of cold and flu, meaning that the chances of infection are low. If the situation is very unfavourable (high risk) then the weather conditions increase the likelihood of catching the flu.

The following weather conditions increase the risk of colds and flu:

  • Dry air
  • Low wind chill temperatures (due to cold and/or strong wind)
  • Large fluctuations in temperature
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