Football weather rating explained

The footballweather rating is an objective evaluation of the weather conditions for football. The calculation takes into account weather conditions that are especially relevant for footballers. For example strong winds and heavy rain are not exactly pleasant during a football game.

The football weather rating is calculated in Dutch summer time between 8 a.m. and 8 .pm. (6-18.00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)). In winter this period starts and ends an hour earlier.

The ideal rating score is 10. Points are deducted when the weather negatively influences conditions. The minimum score is 1. The following weather conditions are taken into account when calculating the football weather rating:

  • Precipitation
  • Wind strength
  • Sunshine hours
  • Mist and fog
  • Temperature
  • Risk of thunderstorms

The temperature, risk of mist and thunderstorms have all been given added value in the calculation of the football weather rating.

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