Flu risk

Very low
Very high

Current flu cases in Netherlands

- cases of common cold
- cases of gastric flu
- other flu cases
- measurements without symptoms


-3° /



Flu weather conditions for Amsterdam in the next 7 days

Min (°C) -3°
Max (°C)
Minimum wind chill (°C) -5° -3° -3° -2° -1° -3° -3°
Wind Bft 5 /
5 /
4 /
3 /
4 /
3 /
4 /
Flu risk
Last update 25 January 19:51

Tips for today

  • Dress warmly
    • Wear a hat and scarf
    • Wear layers to help retain your heat
    • Wear a windproof jacket, so the wind does not blow the heat from your layers of clothing
  • Make sure you drink enough. The cold (and dry) air can dry out your mucous membranes, enabling flu viruses to nestle in your sinuses.
  • Make sure the humidity in your house is not too low. Place a bowl of water on the radiator.
  • Maintain good hygiene
    • Use a tissue when coughing and sneezing.
    • Wash your hands regularly
    • Teach children to cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing and then to wash their hands properly.

Flu info

Cold, high winds and substantial fluctuations in temperature all affect our resistance and make us more susceptible to viruses. The difference between the symptoms of flu, a bad cold and other virus infections is small. A proper dose of flu can easily cost you a week, whereas you normally get over a cold after a couple of days. The flu forecast lets you see if there is a higher risk of cold or flu as a result of the weather.

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